Aloha Waikiki Vape Shop

Aloha E-Liquids is the biggest vapor boutique in Hawaii, and we are expanding. Our newest location, Aloha Waikiki Vape Shop, has now been open for a little more than a month! Located at 159 Kaiulani Avenue, we are fixated at the very heart of Waikiki. Waikiki is famous for beaches, [...]

Attention all vapers!

A few people have been debating on stocking up on their favorite juice due to the new food and drug administration regulations. Most of the FDA rules are has already taken into effect, such as banning the sale of e-cigarettes to youth under the age of 18. As far [...]

Early Preview

Let's just leave this here... A suuuuper early preview of what will release NEXT! Let us know what YOU think will be the newest edition to the never ending Aloha E-liquids line!!  


Our newest release is here! POG ( Passion Orange Guava) Beyond the pineapple fields and the rainbow gateways of Hawaii, indulge yourselves with a taste of paradise. Consisting of freshly blended exotic fruits such as passion fruit, oranges, and guava, Hawaii's most popular drink has tranfromed into your next all day [...]