Attention all vapers!

Attention all vapers!

A few people have been debating on stocking up on their favorite juice due to the new food and drug administration regulations. Most of the FDA rules are has already taken into effect, such as banning the sale of e-cigarettes to youth under the age of 18. As far as packaging companies will be required to use childproof packaging on e-liquids. ( All Aloha E-Liquids bottles already come with childproof caps)

The vaping industry is about to look very different in many ways

  1. Prices will go up.

– It’s still too early to say exactly how much prices will be affected, but it’s likely the companies whose products remain on the market will have to bump up their prices a bit.

2. Selection will go down.

-As expensive as PMTA’s will be to file, many companies wont be able to accommodate the cost. According to the FDA companies will only have the next 2 years to apply for their existing products. Keep in mind manufacturers produce dozens of flavors and nicotine levels. For example, Aloha E-liquids carries 11 different varieties of juice, each with 4 different nicotine level options. Just for us to keep our liquids in stock we would need to file 44 PMTAs

3. Custom mods will go extinct

– Most vapers use vape pens or mods. Which are reusable and can be customizable. That allows vapers to build their own mods to their specific needs. Under the new FDA regulations, companies that sell separate parts and hardware will need to register all the different parts.(Batteries, custom drip tips, wick and wire, coils) Basically everything you NEED!!  With registering the manufactures will need to prove that EVERY possible configuration of parts would still make it a safe product.

4. A black market for vaping will emerge

-The internet is a big place to find a vapers needs and there are lots of other countries that don’t have vaping regulations. Because of all these FDA regulations some vapers may opt to risk it if their favorite US-made favors start to disappear. Readers on another vaping blog in the UK found that 66 percent said they would buy e-liquid on a black market if there was a ban. If people can find a way to buy guns and drugs online, they will definitely find a way to get their e-juice.

5. We will start getting more vaping research

-There’s still a lot we don’t know about the vaping’s personal and public health costs and benefits, simply because is just hasn’t been around long enough for the experts to find out. Now that the FDA is tasked with regulating and monitoring the industry, it has already launched several surveys and studies to start collecting data.

With all of that being said…the FDA isn’t there yet, but with more information and evidence, it will get there. This isn’t all bad news. BUT IT IS something to be aware about.

Tell us what you think give us your input about all these FDA regulations !!


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