Aloha Waikiki Vape Shop

Aloha Waikiki Vape Shop

Aloha E-Liquids is the biggest vapor boutique in Hawaii, and we are expanding. Our newest location, Aloha Waikiki Vape Shop, has now been open for a little more than a month! Located at 159 Kaiulani Avenue, we are fixated at the very heart of Waikiki.

Waikiki is famous for beaches, aloha shirts, board shorts, greetings of “Aloha” and “Mahalo,” and pretty much everything a tourist could imagine. For tourists, it’s a great thing. For locals, it’s visibly falsified and fabricated. Beyond the tourist attractions and appealing views lie an entirely different scene of the constantly moving life in Waikiki: one where people struggle, one where drugs are dealt, and one where paradise does not exist. It is really in this type of environment where the true spirit of Aloha really shines, and one where we hope to thrive.

“Aloha” can mean hello, goodbye, and I love you, but Aloha is much more than a word. Aloha is a mindset, a lifestyle, and the kindness and genuineness of the spirit contained in one’s body. Aloha is not simply customer service and is surely something that cannot be taught, but rather something that an individual carries on his or her own. At Aloha E-Liquids, and now at Aloha Waikiki Vape Shop, workers were handpicked and hired not just for the knowledge on vaping products and working capabilities, but also for the way in which the namesake of the store was embodied within them.

Especially at our newest location, we hope to shine and instill the spirit of Aloha to each individual customer in order to truly show them what Hawaii, and our store, is all about.


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